Tribal Village Tour

The city of Dhariyawad is enclosed with a number of small villages with tribes such as Bhil and Meena constituting the population.

The lifestyle of the tribal population is primitive and hasn’t evolved much over the years. They stay in huts composed of mud and straw with thatched roofs and floors coated with cow dung and mud.

The villagers make handcrafted doors and create designs on them using wheat starch. Their houses are surrounded by luscious green farms and their main source of income is breeding of animals and farming. The kitchen consists of a choola(stove) made of mud and cow dung while shiny brass copper utensils line up on the shelves.

Their classical attire consists of men wearing dhoti, kurta and a white turban while women dress in bright printed ghagras, blouse, odhnis and a few pieces of silver jewellery. It is common to see floral and geometric patterns painted with a mixture of rice and lime decorating the entrance and several other areas of the hut. A common deity is worshipped by the tribes and their local dialect is mewari and hindi.